A Silk Shirt from Sezane

A Silk Shirt from Sezane

If you follow any style Instagrammers, you have probably heard of Sezane. It’s one of those new generation brands: straight to consumers, mostly online, with a very strong social media presence and relaxed styling. The clothes are simple, but not quite basic. The prices are reasonable. It is also French, although I have a feeling it’s a French brand for non-French people. It’s not exactly my kind of thing, really – it’s all a bit too safe for my taste.

Why am I writing about it, then? Well, you see, there are certain categories where safe is OK for me. Silk shirts happen to be one of them (cashmere sweaters are another). My favourite silk tops tend to be very simple, without any frills or embellishments. Sezane’s silk shirts are exactly like that: straight up-and-down, with two pockets as the only „decorative“ elements. The model is also rather pointedly called the Boy Shirt. So I ordered one in red.

I’m happy to report that the shirt arrived fast, beautifully packaged and with a small gift – all important touches with a brand that mostly sells online. The shirt was also exactly as advertised, the fit maybe a bit more relaxed than I prefer, but I could size down next time (I ordered UK size 8/ 36). The quality is solid and the details are nice – the covered buttons and the label both add to the expensive feel. The colour options aren’t hugely exciting, but cover the classics. I really like the look of the white and dark blue options.

The bottom line is that if you’ve been lusting after the simple Equipment shirts, but not been able to afford them, this is a great alternative. And don’t be put off by my first paragraph, the whole brand is very much worth checking out – there is a reason why it’s popular and the whole concept is clearly well thought out. Just be careful, half of the world is apparently wearing their Barry Jumper.

I’m wearing the Boy Shirt with a Lilli Jahilo skirt and Prada pumps. Picture by Tauno Tõhk. I’m forced t post a picture from work, as there is no time whatsoever to shoot things for the blog.