Travel Essential: Gillette Venus Snap

Travel Essential: Gillette Venus Snap

I’ve been thinking about how to make sure I can blog more than once a week during this crazy time until the end of the year.* One thing I’ve realised is that as my Instagram has developed, my blogposts have grown longer and longer: I tend to use up my “smaller” ideas on Instagram and what’s left for the blog are longer lists and rants and overviews.

That was never the (only) idea of the blog, though. The “obessions” and “solutions” categories were specifically created to offer a quick read on something I either love or find useful or both. I plan to do more posts in this vein in the coming months, to keep the blog going. I have considered taking a break and it would probably be reasonable, but I don’t want to – I would miss it badly and there are now about 500 people reading the blog every day (even with me posting so little), something I’m reluctant to lose.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, shorter posts. I have the perfect “solution” subject for you today: the portable razor from Gillette. If you are someone who shaves and someone who travels, I highly recommend checking out the Venus Snap. It’s a small razor (see the magazine for size) that comes in a plastic container, solving all the issues you may have had with carrying your razor when on the go. I’m sure more organized people had their hacks, but my razor used to just travel in my skincare bag, becoming too blunt to work well but sharp enough to cut me by accident.

I find this version of the traditional Gillette Venus convenient and helpful. You can use it without any product (there is a ribbon of moisture around the blades), another bonus. I still prefer to add something to mitigate the harshness of shaving, but in very Spartan conditions it does work on its own. It’s one of those small things that makes me feel so much more prepared and organised – probably unproportionally so – when I travel.

Do you have any favourite travel hacks or useful products for on the go?

*If you are a long-time reader, you know that my work life is extremely intense at the moment and will stay like this until January.


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    Any post is appreciated Annikky, hang in there! Travel hacks are always useful to read about and I have had gilette stress in various forms! My travelhack is Yves Rocher’s Monoi Body Wash as it doubles as shampoo and it costs 2 euro’s. Nicely tiaré scented, perfect for longer beach or other holidays, the 200mls are too much for handluggage. Hugs!

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      So good to see you, Hamamelis! And I love that body wash (and most of the collection, actually), although I have never used it to wash my hair.

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    I find your blog such a refreshing alternative to other lifestyle blogs that are really just aimed at selling me things and showcasing a sanitised version of their life. Please keep going!

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      Thank you for saying so! It helps enormously with keeping going, I can tell you. It’s not that I need people to constantly tell me that the blog is great, but when you sit in the office and it’s almost midnight and you ask yourself “why?”, comments like this make everything so much better.

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    I think this is an excellent idea for positing when you are so fully stretched and yes any post is welcomed- I really enjoy your blog and your approach. It is so enjoyable to read someone who combines intelligence, wit and frivolity- meanwhile good luck with the intense work. I bring no insight to bear on razors being a somewhat too dedicated waxer but am always interested to learn as of course the need does sometimes present itself!

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      If you ever feel like sharing, I’m just so puzzled, how waxing can work for people. For me, it’s a few days of smoothness followed buy stubble and then longer hair that I cannot do anything about and hence drives me crazy. Not to mention ingrown hairs and itching and… uugh.

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        I think I find waxing easy as I’ve been doing it for so long and maybe also an excellent lady does the waxing! I know a lot of my friends don’t like it but so far I have mainly avoided ingrown hairs too. Lots of people though have said what you did!

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    I do love know if this is related as I don’t use it for travel only but every night but I am aways on the lookout for sleep masks. It is *the* essential thing for my good sleep especially in the summer. I recently scored a good one which lets you open your eyes under it and blink – won’t smudge mascara if on a daily nap. Oh and earplugs.

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      Which one did you buy? I’m not really a sleep mask person, but I’ve been considering a silk version – looks comfortable and nice. And I love Ööloom for the design!

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    One of my travel hacks is to try to go to places where I have friends the same size in clothes which means I can borrow theirs. Mostly works with London and Paris and only for private travel but still. I have to pack a minimum amount of stuff and can fill my bag with books,perfumes and hard to get spirits on the way home. I learned this after once packing whilst drunk and arriving in London with 8 bras, 16 pairs of knickers, no t-shirts, a party dress and the jeans and sweater I was traveling in. Wore a friends stuff and that worked out fine. Note; she does kind of the same thing when she comes here.

    • 11

      Hahahahhaa! probably the best hack ever. I could totally do that, I’ve never had a problem with lending my clothes to people, but I know this isn’t true for everyone. Unfortunately, I’m too big to wear most of your and Liina’s stuff.

      And drunk packing… Suss, I salute you. You lead a life of unparalleled class and sophistication.

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