Quick Thoughts on Eye Cream

Quick Thoughts on Eye Cream

The usefulness or otherwise of eye cream is something people occasionally ask me about and I was reminded of the topic when Nadine Baggott recently uploaded this video about eye products that work (there is also part two, focusing on high street products).

First of all, if you have been looking for skincare vloggers who are no longer 21, Nadine is very much worth following (and if you don’t follow Caroline Hirons, get that sorted as well). Second, I do generally agree with her about eye cream. Bottom line, if you have no time for the video: a separate eye cream is not necessary, you can use most of your serums and moisturisers (especially serums) under the eyes as well. Often, eye creams are in fact virtually identical to the serums or moisturisers in the same line, just in a smaller pot. So Nadine recommends buying a dedicated eye cream only if it has specific ingredients that your face products don’t have – like caffeine, for depuffing. The eye cream should do something the face products do not.

All this is correct. However, I think people often forget another reason why one would want to use an eye cream: depending on what you use on your face, it may not be perfect for your eyes. Sure, you can take your hyaluronic serum around the eyes without any issues and it will be helpful. I would NOT do that with my strong vitamin C and retinol products, however. And even if you don’t use anything as drastic, you may want to use a gel for the eyes and a more nourishing moisturiser for the face – or the other way around. It is quite common to have an oily face with dry undereyes and it can be difficult to find a product that is perfect for both areas. In my case, I in fact prefer my eye creams quite rich, but wouldn’t put the same stuff all over my face. I also like my eye cream to have a little retinol, but the retinoids I use on my face don’t really work around the eyes.

What I’m saying is that if you want a minimal skincare routine, by all means, cut out the eye cream. It will be simpler, faster and cheaper. But if you’ve found dedicated eye products that suit your eyes better than any non-eye cream or serum, do not feel bad about using them. Nobody knows your face better than you do. If you think it needs eye cream, you’re probably right.


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    I have trouble with many products, including eye creams, close to my eyes. They swell and water. OptiEye Crystal by CosMedix is the only one that causes no reaction, and, more important, has done anything for lines. And Caroline Hirons changed my skin.

    On another skin-care note, how would you compare de Mamiel’s Atmosphériques Intense Nuture Antioxidant Elixir and Kypris’s Antioxidant Dew? (I actually found your blog looking for reviews on de Mamiel.) They contain some similar ingredients, but wonder which may be “better.” Thank you.

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      I’m fortunate to have non-sensitive skin and eyes and I’ve only had a reaction to a handful of products, ever. Do you have any idea what might cause the problem? It must be something very common, if it happens with nearly everything.

      Regarding the two serums: they are similar and I like both, but I like de Mamiel better. Not sure I’ll be able to be very scientific about it, especially as antioxidants are preventive and it’s difficult to tell whether they are working. But I find de Mamiel more hydrating and nourishing and I just loved it from the first application. My skin looked good and felt good. When I was in an especially indulgent mood, I mixed it with Vintner’s Daughter: a ridiculously expensive combination, but it somehow just worked so well (I don’t like VD much on its own).

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        Thank you so much! I was leaning towards the de Mamiel. It is expensive on its own, but serums often are. I haven’t tried Vintner’s Daughter. Oils don’t usually do enough for me.

        I really have no idea what the cause is. It can happen with eye makeup, too. Unfortunately, I also now have adult-onset allergies. I need to make sure than any handbag that I carry can fit an Epi-pen. So bizarre.

        Cheers from frigid Canada!

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          I’m not big on oils either and was on the fence regarding Vintner’s Daughter for a long time. But for some reason, I adore it mixed with other products. Of course, oils can also be problematic in terms of allergies. If the rumours are true and there will be VD samples, it is worth a try if budget allowes, just blind buying a bottle is very risky.

          How cold is it where you are?

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            Do you follow Trinny Woodall? Caroline Hirons turned me onto her a couple of years ago. She’s a massive fan of VD, and I find her recommendations to be good, but the steep price has dissuaded me from trying. I’ll keep my eye out for samples. I seem to be like many people and needing to have a tighten-my-belt 2018.

            The temperatures are around -20°C right now, but the wind makes it feel anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees colder. Since December, we regularly have extreme wind chills where it feels like it’s in the -40s. It’s absolute murder on the skin. You can almost watch yourself dehydrate.

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            Trinny is so intense, though I sometimes get a jolt of energy from her. I was given some of her makeup for Christmas. I am pleasantly surprised by how well it performs. I had a look and VD wants anywhere from $25 to $59 to ship the samples here. For 3 ml of product? 🤔 There is a Canadian retailer that does a bespoke sampling program. They are not very generous, but they carry it, so I’ll get one with my next order to try. Thanks again for the recommendations.

            You understand cold, then! Winters do seem to be getting worse for us. Be well and enjoy the weekend!

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            Whaaat?? That shipping cost is insane. But if the other option works out, let me know how you get along with the oil.

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            Will do! Shipping from the States is getting ridiculous. It’s sometimes cheaper and faster to order from Europe.

            The products in the image above reminded me of the Oskia Citylife Booster as another anti-pollution serum. It seems to have some great ingredients. Decisions, decisions … Have a great week!

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    I started reading your blog a few months ago and I just think you’re a delight! moving on, could you kindly suggest any eye creams/serums? I am currently using the Tata Harper cream recommended by Caroline Hirons and I must confess I’m rather underwhelmed☹️ The only good comment I have is that it’s not irritating for sensitive eyes. Could you please suggest a non-irritating eye cream/serum that you absolutely love. Thanks in advance. X

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      Oh, thank you! This recommendation business is very risky, but let’s give it a go (especially as I didn’t like Tata’s eye cream much either). I really like Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol – the eye cream, not the serum. I was also a big fan of Sunday Riley Star Over which I understand is being reformulated and will return (currently not really available anywhere). Ideally, I would use the richer retinol cream at night and the lighter, more refreshing Sunday Riley one in the morning. If money is no object, SK-II RNA Power is great. Rather rich, but doesn’t feel heavy to me. Of the mainstream brands, I like Chanel Le Lift, it’s beautiful and nourishing. And if your issue is puffiness, The Ordinary Caffeine really does help, but it doesn’t do much else.

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    Wow🙊 thank you. I only expected one recommendation…you’re too kind. I was apprehensive about the DG one because I thought it might be irritating but I’ll purchase and use at nighttime. You might have unleashed a monster here, and I’m likely pushing it, but I’ll never know if I don’t ask, so here it goes- when/if you have some spare time-any recommendations for hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone will be appreciated. I’ve used the DCL c scape booster but it’s just too abrasive😩 I currently alternate between Good Genes and the Zelens luminous brightening serum. I was thinking of purchasing the Radical multi brightening serum / Clarins double serum to add to my arsenal. Any thoughts on this or other recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. X

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      No worries at all, I’m happy to share whatever experience I have. Regarding the DG, keep in mind that my skin is not sensitive at all, so maybe it could be harsher for other people. That said, I never had even a hint of irritation from it.

      On pigmentation, DCL would in fact have been my first recommedation (and I really like the other two products you use, too). I agree, it’s uncomfortable, but I think the most efficient brightener I’ve ever used. What I do these days is mix this with one pump of Drunk Elephant B-Hydra. It makes it much nicer to use and I believe the results are still there. Have you used anything by NIOD? They have a 30% ascorbic acid product as well that is not gritty and doesn’t annoy my skin. They also have a targeted pigment treatment now, something I plan to buy when I’m back to buying things again🙂 More generally, I think retinol helps as well, in case you’re not already using it.

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    I’m so grateful for all your recommendations/tips Ykkinna. Never tried anything by NIOD but I’m seriously considering the targeted treatment you mentioned. I’ll also try the B-Hydra trick you mentioned and hopefully it works because I have 2 bottles of the DCL.! If it doesn’t alleviate the irritation, you’re welcome to have them since you’re very fortunate to have strong skin…so jealous you experience no sensitivity at all!

    On another note, how do you stop yourself from buying stuff? I haven’t figured out how to stop😩 I am addicted to buying skincare products and need intervention 😂

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      I wanted to state for the record, that although my skin isn’t sensitive, that DCL in pure form causes me significatnt discomfort. So I’m not impervious to everything:) I hope mixing it with something works for you, too.

      Also, I’m not sure I’m the right person to give advice on cutting spending. I’m sure I’ll return to buying soon and continue to shop much more than an average person. But what has helped me to cut down is that I truly am tired of having so much stuff. I think many people go through phases and I think I’ve reached peak skincare. I’ve been interested in skin for years now, have tried many products and the urge to get new shiny things has lessened. Partly I think because I don’t want to experiment ALL the time, I’m 38 now and need to let the products do their job. One thing that I find helpful is compiling the Dream List, basically putting together a list of the things I REALLY want to buy. And it’s OK to buy them, but I have to make choices. I can buy an expensive cleanser, but I have to choose one. I enjoy the reseach almost as much as I enjoy actually getting/using something, so I’ll spend more time on that. Also, I never buy multiples or backups: I’m fickle and very rarely repurchase stuff, so there is no point, the risk of waste is significant. Ah, and I try to time my bigger purchases to coincide with big GWP events. That way I get to try new stuff without a big investment.

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    You’re absolutely right about letting products do their job. It’s just that I get tempted when I read a wonderful review about a product (like you, I also enjoy the research) and frequently give in to temptation!

    I’m stunned you never buy backups/multiples, as I’m the queen of doing that when I love a product. It’s almost as though I have a sudden fear they’ll be discontinued! (maybe that’s just what I tell myself)

    I have very much enjoyed our little back and forth and will keep you updated on my progress with the DCL/DG products. Thanks again for your insightful responses. X

    • 17

      I get tempted as well and if I ever start lecturing anyone on their spending habits, could you please post a giant eye roll? For many people, the saturation point will just naturally arrive at some stage, I’ve seen it happen with so many people in so many fields – skincare, makeup, perfume, clothes, interiors, even books.

      Regarding back-ups, they make sense for many people. If there is something you know you are going to use four bottles of, definitely go and buy them all when there is a discount happening. I just know myself, I repurchase things very rarely and buy the time I get through tub one, I’m already excited about something else. So it would simply be a waste.

      Thank you so much for commenting and sorry for my late response – I’ve been down with a very unpleasant virus.

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