Excellent Moisturisers: Going High, Going Low

Excellent Moisturisers: Going High, Going Low

Remember when skincare used to be all about creams? These days are gone. Now, we focus on serums and oils and layering and the good old moisturising cream has been humbled. Most people still need a day cream, however (it’s easier to get by with an oil or balm at night), something to keep everything nicely sealed and protected.

I am very much of the view that you don’t need to spend big on a moisturiser, as long as it fits your skin type and does the job. I’m not necessarily that great at following this principle, however. My absoluute favourites tend to be high-end: Sunday Riley Tidal, Zelens 3t Complex and, most ruinously, SK-II R.N.A. Power Cream. There are affordable ones that I like, but they tend to be Korean or otherwise hard to get.

This is why I’m excited to report that L’Oreal’s Hydra Genius Liquid Care is very good. I’ve got the normal to dry skin version (there are others, making it all a bit confusing), but I think even this one would be suitable for combination and oily skins as well. It is basically a liquid hyaluronic acid product that you could use both as a serum and a final layer of your routine.

If there is one skincare ingredient everyone should have in their arsenal, hyaluronic acid is it. It does wonders for dehydrated skin (it doesn’t help much with dryness, the lack of oil: that is a different story), doesn’t irritate or break you out. The formula of Hydra Genius reflects all that: it’s very light, fresh and hydrating, absorbs fast and does the job. I currently use it under a richer cream; when days get warmer, IF days get warmer, it should be enough on its own. In case you have issues with dehydration – and trust me, everybody does – this is absolutely worth checking out. Unlike its Asian inspirations, the L’Oreal product can be found everywhere, comes in a proper pump bottle and costs a little over 10 euros for 70 milliliters. This is very reasonable.

Although Hydra Genius is great, it hasn’t cured me of my fondness for luxurious moisturisers. The richer cream I mentioned in the previous paragraph? It’s Sisley’s Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream and it’s possibly the nicest moisturiser I’ve ever used. This is somewhat surprising, because while I do like the Black Rose mask and oil, I’m not crazy about them and have never bought a full size of either. The cream, however, I bought without hesitation and will likely repurchase.

I said it’s „richer“ and it IS more nourishing than the L’Oreal. It is, however, still light and somehow watery and creamy at the same time. My skin is pretty normal and I hesitate to speak on behalf of oilier-skinned people, but I believe that it’s completely OK for combination skin and possibly even oily complexions. It sinks in beautifully, plumps and moisturises and works perfectly under make-up; it leaves the skin supple and healthy-looking. I also adore the scent and I would encourage even rose-phobes to smell it. It’s not your average rose scent (that tends to smell more like rose oil), but a gorgeous fresh fragrance that reminds me of dewy rose petals.

The only issue with this cream is, obviously, the price. I bought it at the Brussels airport and paid about 140 euros – an obscene amount of money for many people. I’m not telling you to buy it, I’m just saying that if you ever feel like spending an insane amount on a cream, this is one of the best options.

Have you tried these two? And what’s your favourite ever moisturiser?


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    Nuxe is my fave moisturizer actually. Currently using one from the swedish pharmacy’s own line. It’s brilliant and has just been discontinued(of course!). In my case I really need a cream as a barrier against the cold and windy climate I live in.

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      The Nuxe one is quite rich, right? If you ever get the chance to try the Zelens, you might like it. And although I haven’t tried it myself, the First Aid Beauty has a heavy duty moisturiser that sounds up your street.

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    Anna K

    Agree about the L’oreal. I have another affordable favourite– a light moisturiser from Simple (http://www.simple.co.uk/our-products/product/kind-to-skin-hydrating-light-moisturiser.html). In Estonia accessible in Kaubamaja, in UK probably everywhere and otherwise also on Ebay.co.uk for a reasonable price+ shipping. This moisturiser leaves your face a bit less matte than L’oreal, but gets into the skin fast and leaves it looking and feeling great. It is my go to moisturiser before make-up.

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      I haven’t used this specific cream, but many Simple products are seriously good. It was one of my favourite brands when I was fresh out of the university and my financial means more limited than today. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    I tried the Sisley at Liberty’s, and it absolutely is gorgeous. I would think great on even oily skin. But I just couldn’t spend that much on a cream!
    My long term fave is the basic Cerave moisturiser lotion. Cheap as chips, more ceramides than the much hyped Dr Jart, and leaves my combination skin soothed and happy. Also ace for mixing with actives – drop of The Ordinary Salicylic Acid and bingo, a Paula’s Choice 2% bha dupe for misbehaving tzone!

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      Even for me, buying that Sisley cream was a tough decision – and I’m internationally known for spending too much on skincare. I’m glad you liked it, though, it confirms that I’m not recommending utter crap!

      I know Cerave has many fans, but it’s difficult to get where I am, so I’ve never tried it. Their body lotion has also been recommended to me by trustworthy sources.

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