13 Items of Korean Skincare I Have Just Bought

13 Items of Korean Skincare I Have Just Bought

Yeah, I know. Thirteen. There are some mitigating factors, however: several of these come in trial size and there are quite a few individual sheet masks that I’ve also counted. And I didn’t really buy it all on the same day. But still, 13 skincare items is a lot, be they Korean or not.

It is practically mandatory these days for every (beauty) blogger to write about Korean products and I have succumbed, too. But it’s not only pathetic trend-hopping, I have my reasons. It’s not for nothing that Korean (and other Asian) brands are so popular at the moment. There are some things they do very well and these include hydration and brightening. And these two things happen to be my priorities when it comes to skin. Also, while the best quality Korean brands are not cheap, the prices tend to be reasonable compared to many Western cult brands.

So after some diligent online research, I chose two brands that looked especially good to me – Cremorlab and Mizon – and ordered a bunch of things. I’m not going to review anything properly today (some of this stuff has just arrived), but I’m going to do a quick overview of what I’ve got. I’ll definitely return to these products, though: considering the customs duty I paid for my Peach & Lily order, I’m going to blog the hell out of this haul. If there’s anything you are especially curious about, let me know and I’ll give it priority.


1. Cremorlab Smooth Pudding – probably Cremorlab’s most famous product, a nourishing and hydrating anti-ageing cream.
2. Cremorlab Mineral Water – a face mist, as I’ve promised myself to try some mists that aren’t as insanely expensive as my favourite, La Mer.
3. Cremorlab Cleansing Veil – make-up remover wipes are evil, but you need to have some nice ones ready for emergencies, planes, etc.
4. Cremorlab Perfection Hydrating Mask – a hydrating sheet mask.
5. Cremorlab White Bloom Triple Bright Floral Mask – well, a brightening sheet mask.
6. Mizon Original Skin Energy Hyaluronic Acid – I’m especially excited about this one, as hyaluronic acid tends to work very well on me, it’s one of the best things for dehydrated skin.
7. Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner – an exfoliating everyday toner, something to try in rotation with my Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion.
8. Mizon Returing Starfish Cream – this sounds gimmicky, but first tests indicate it’s a really nice hydrating cream. I also enjoy the slightly jelly-like texture.
9. Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream – even more gimmicky, but snail secretions are a mainstream ingredient in Asia for its supposedly regenerative properties.
10. Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream – same as above, but for eyes.
11. Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask – another one I’ve already tried and done a mini-review about.
12. Mizon Essential Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid – another hydrating mask. As I’ve said, I have dehydrated skin. I need masks. (Couldn’t locate this one for the photo, so maybe I don’t have it after all.)
13. Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence Mask – this one should do it all: plump, lift, firm, hydrate, you name it.

I’ll report back. You know, I’m not going to lie. I’m excited.



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  1. 1

    Wow! That list is fascinating (especially the starfish and snail secretions). I look forward to more indepth reviews on these products!

  2. 3

    Oh yay! I look forward to finding out more about these. I recently delved into some Paula’s Choice stuff, and oh dear. At 59 I now have a few plugged pore type pimples as a result. (insert shriek) Back to the drawing board.
    I’ve never tried any of the masks as I just don’t get it. What’s the difference between those and the other products with similar ingredients that are not in mask form?
    And snails. Gulp. Unfortunately I can’t help the visual of the factory where these products are processed.

    • 4

      What you say about Paula’s Choice is alarming. I’ve been curious about the brand for a long time, but shipping from US is complicated. You raise a good point about masks. I’m not really qualified to answer, but I’d say that with purifying/exfoliating/peeling masks there is a clear difference to other products, you wouldn’t leave a clay mask on like a cream and it has a specific function. With the brightening/hydrating/nourishing/etc ones I guess the idea is that masks are more concentrated and give a more immediate effect, not convinced it’s always the case, though. Sometimes it’s not the product that differs, but the technique: some people for example prefer to use Sunday Riley Good Genes as a mask and wash it off, as it’s quite powerful; I use it as a serum.

  3. 5

    Many people swear by Paula’s Choice. I think the culprit in what I used is silicone, which I should know by now never works for me on skin or hair. I like all my products to be lightweight and non-viscous. I have enjoyed discovering Caroline Hirons, thanks to you. I look forward to hearing how the Korean lines are working for you. 🙂

    • 6

      I can do silicones, so I might still try something from the brand. And Caroline is the real thing, half of my skincare knowledge is from her and I like her attitude.

      • 7

        Gaia over on The Non-Blonde is a huge Paula’s Choice fan, and has chronicled her response to numerous skincare lines and products. I like her approach.

  4. 10

    Hey I also have some Cremorlab Mask Jelly Mask sheets…and I was wondering how you used them? When I opened the packet the mask was covered on both sides, one with a thicker white protective sheet. I was wondering which side you put down on your face…
    Yeah I know totally weird question…

    • 11

      Hi, Jenny, sorry it took me some time to get back. You should be able to peel off that protective cover and the side that was previously protected should go on your face. Hope this helps!

  5. 12

    Hello girls) We also have Cremorlab in Russia, Moscow! I love it so much too! My favor – T.E.N. Cremor Shadow-off Eye Cream! the best)))

    • 14

      They do! I think it’s a bit less active than the Snail Repair, but it’s nice and I like the smaller trial/travel size.

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