Getting Ready for Autumn: Clothes

Getting Ready for Autumn: Clothes

I’m late with posting this, because work has been crazy. It has also been wonderful and exciting – I’m not here to complain. The intensity of my work life is in fact directly relevant for this post. I am not going to talk much about what I’m currently wearing or plan to wear – the office outfits series gives you a pretty good idea of that. The main change in my wardrobe has been organisational.

If you are a regular reader, you know that capsule wardrobes are not for me. What I do find appealing about them is a certain ruthlessness and an extreme practicality. Everything should fit properly and be ready to wear, not to mention clean and have all the necessary buttons. Considering how little time I have at the moment, I have done something one might call a „temporary capsule“ or maybe just a clean-out. I haven’t attempted to edit my things down to 12 pieces or anything, so it’s not really a capsule. It’s a quick fix.

What I’ve done is to only keep things in my closet that I currently can and want to wear for work. I’ve moved all my gowns and evening jackets to another room. I’ve also taken out anything that needs to be mended or isn’t right for this weather or things I’m simply not sure about. Everything in the closet has to be clean and ready to go. The goal is to have 20 outfits (plus some back-ups) so that I’m set for a month even if I have no time to do the laundry, buy anything new or even think about my clothes. I did a similar exercise in July and it worked very well.

As I said, this is a quick fix and does nothing to address the problems my wardrobe might have: I’m not mending anything or throwing things out, simply postponing that for later. That said, it has given me some insight into what and how I’m actually wearing on a daily basis. I also just really like the look of a more curated wardrobe and I plan to keep my evening dresses elsewhere in the future. I just need a contraption to hang them from.

Another thing I’ve learned is that while there are very few things I seriously need, there are in fact a couple. I’m wearing my tans and beiges and warm-toned clothes more because I have a brown leather bag that fits my laptop. I do not have a similar black bag, however, which means I’m under-using my monochromatic clothes and my reds (because then I need to carry my laptop in my Presidency cotton tote – not the most elegant of looks).

I also desperately need a pair of darker, high-waisted jeans. I love my white IRO Paris jeans, but it’s really getting chilly now and blue denim would look better. Unfortunately, my blue jeans are too low-cut to achieve the same silhouette, which means I still run around in my white ones. There are of course other things I would love to own, especially an oversized coat and a patterned sweater. They can wait, however. I’m currently set for a month.

Have you switched to your autumn wardrobe already? Any key pieces you need to buy?


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    I don’t know why, but I am strangely drawn to the idea of having a uniform for work. I probably could not follow it as militantly (pun intended) as she does (Harpers Bazaar intw), but the idea of having a very restricted choice is weirdly appealing in a world where there are just too many decisions to be taken every day (or maybe it’s just my recently developed Starbucks-habit that got me all “I DON’T KNOW! You tell me!!! What’s good???”).
    The problem: I’m yet to identify what exactly my uniform(s) would be. I brought this up with my sister who remarked “Well you always wear the same things anyway, I thought you did that on purpose”. Result?!

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      Oh, I’m definitely drawn to the idea, I just know myself – I’d be sick of it in a month. But indeed, when I’m super busy, reducing the options sounds attractive. That’s kind of the point of this article as well, even if there is no mention of the uniform.

      If I had to guess, I’d say yours is a black dress and fancy shoes, possibly with an added statement necklace.

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    I love all the colors here, on which I had to comment since my closet is entirely black, grey, and navy, with the occasional oxblood maroon rich red thrown in. Extremely boring but easy for me to get dressed in the morning.

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      A limited palette has many advantages, but for me personally it’s not sustainable. I’ll get bored and consequently extremely annoyed with everything I own. And then would need to buy something colourful anyway.

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    During a stressful period of my life I basically rotated 7 black dresses, 3 pairs of black shoes and some very colorful tights on occasion to mix it up. Not how I want to live but at times it’s a system that work (said black dresses pretty much fall a part at the same time afterwards).

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      Yes, that’s the same idea. And my sentiment exactly – I don’t want to be super curated all the time, but sometimes it’s the way to go.

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