Autumn Office Outfits vol 5: Red

Autumn Office Outfits vol 5: Red

If you have recently opened a women’s magazine or a style blog or just your eyes, really, you already know that red is a major trend this autumn/winter. In its purest form, it’s often called „red to toe“ and I have to admit this phrase annoys me – possibly because it was already overused by the beginning of September. But never mind my pettiness, I’d happily wear all red and probably will at some point this Autumn.

For this post, however, I went with a half-red look, for two reasons: 1) it’s more accessible and 2) I simply do not own a red satin skirt that would have been a lovely contrast to this chunky jumper. So I made do and wore the new (a big Massimo Dutti knit) with the old (a midi Zara dress) with the classic (my second pair of Gucci loafers).

I personally find red easy to wear, I think it suits me and it has the benefit of making an instant statement – something I value. You can put on this jumper with the plainest jeans and trainers and still be impossible to ignore. If standing out is not your thing (and it isn’t even mine all the time), there is always the tamer option of a red handbag or red shoes. Or even just red lipstick, also featured here.

This post also gave me the opportunity to address the day-to-night issue. With two moves – taking off the knit and changing the shoes – the super cosy outfit becomes entirely evening appropriate. I of course also wear it to the office like that, or maybe add a black blazer for a less body-con look. Obviously, the dress does not have to be as form-fitting as mine, the formula works beautifully with a looser silhouette as well. Flat shoes also help to make the whole thing less vampy and 80s, if you’d rather avoid that vibe.

This brings my autumn outfit series to a close. Let me know if you’d be interested in a winter version and I hope to do a holiday post at some point as well. Any excuse to wear sequins.

Photos Liina Jasmin, MUAH Ave Antson.

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    I just loved the autumn outfits–both the clothes and the accompanying narrative. So much fun to feel like are present when a person thousands of miles away ponders the same daily dilemma you do.

    • 2

      Thank you! I have the same thing with scent of the day posts, etc – it’s a really nice feeling, especially when someone is wearing the exact same thing as you somewhere far away.

  2. 3

    Would be nice to see the winter and holiday versions! And: How would you handle the actual cold with stockings, would you use sheer skin tone or rather black and opaque?

    • 4

      For years, I’ve worn black opaque tights when it gets properly cold, but I have to admit it’s looking less and less right. For some outfits, I actually like sheer black tights, I think they have made a come-back (I have a post about it somewhere, if you search). But this winter, I think my best bet will be tall boots with midi skirts/dresses. It looks modern and should be rather warm.

      And thank you! 🙂

  3. 5

    Of course we want to see more of your style posts! (I feel embarrassed at how much I want to comment enthusiastically on all your recents posts, but hell, I’m gonna do it anyway) I appreciate they must take a lot of thought and planning, but they’re very rewarding: I found your bodysuit series last year madly influential, and I am very glad they’re still in the shops this season – a style transformer if ever there was one. In terms of red, I’m considering a pair of Adidas Gazelles, because I already have every other possible item I could wear in red – I love it. Though wearing trainers outside of exercise is a departure for me which I’m not sure I can pull off (again, the problem will be tights, because I wear skirts and dresses – I agree that black opaques really don’t work as a look anymore). The Max Mara look with the burgundy velvet skirt and thick woollen jumper was my favourite image from the A/W shows . There’s an echo of it here, bravo!

    • 6

      If there is one thing I’m considering banning on my site, it’s apologies/embarrassment for commenting too much! There is no such thing as too may comments. Comments make me happy. Style posts are always the most difficult simply because of the work involved, but I’m really enjoying them at the moment and I’m already planning my New Year work wardrobe. Also, I thought Max Mara had a really strong season in general, many wearable but strong and relatively fashion-forward looks.

  4. 7

    I’m going grey tights right now that’s all I’m saying. have been wearing a a couple of black ones too because I have them but grey is what I want to wear. And that’s my two cents in the debate.

    • 8

      Noted Suss! And to just to say: a leopard-print coat is a very easy thing to wear with everything else, once you take the plunge and get one. They’ve become ubiquitous in these parts, removing any residual trashiness and making it a fashion classic once again – Annikky, your styling of the Erdem one is spot-on, and I’m going to add a wide black ribbon to the collar of my coat as soon as I can 🙂

      • 9

        Thank you! I hope to own that coat eventually, I think it’s one of those things that don’t really go out of style.

  5. 10

    It’s spring here and my office is a desk in my bedroom or the kitchen table but I have really enjoyed your posts and would love to read more. And I love red – and the attitude that goes with it. I was thinking of you the other day as I picked up an interesting book called “Women in Clothes” ed. Sheila Heti. It’s a book that is part survey, part conversation and feminist in tone…reflections on clothing and identity and style, wardrobes and age etc etc. It’s a stylish book

    • 11

      Thank you for your support and the recommendations: I think Suss has recommended it as well, I clearly need to start paying attention. I don’t have much reading time at the moment (which is frustrating), but it’ll go on my list.

      As soon as the Presidency work is done, I’ll fly to Australia for two weeks and be more in sync with your seasons!

    • 13

      Good point – I find fake fur coats are often quite shapeless and really need to be tried on. Plus the quality of the fur can be terrible in real life. And let me apologise for saying “trashiness” like it’s a bad thing – who doesn’t need some good bad taste occasionally?

      • 14

        The quality of it was good in the end, I tried it, but I couldn’t really get onboard. The cut wasn’t great. Also the ran out of size 34 so it was no surprise really. But good fake leopard is hard to find; I’ve been looking for ages for some to make something I have an idea about. And i Think it’s trashiness when it looks bad, leopard is rock’n’roll when it looks good. Which obviously is a very subjective notion.

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